Openface supports women and children of Ukraine

Openface, a Lithuanian startup AI-powered personalized skincare service, has announced a campaign to support refugees from Ukraine. Starting today, 5% from every purchase at website will be directed to Wonder Foundation to support women and children of Ukraine who are seeking refuge in Poland. 

The war in Ukraine has already led to one of the biggest refugee crises, and it tragically impacted Ukrainian women and girls who had to flee the country leaving their husbands and fathers behind. According to UN Women, 54% of people in need of assistance from the ongoing crisis are women. They now face increased care burden as they are responsible for children, disabled and elderly family members. Furthermore, Poland and other EU countries now see more and more women refugees who were assaulted by the military. They are especially vulnerable and are in great need of psychological, medical and financial help.

«Faced with suffering and atrocities like the ones we see in Ukraine today, we often freeze and don’t know how to act. I believe the best way to go through tough times is to focus on what we can really do to help. We are happy to partner with Wonder Foundation, who are empowering women and girls all over the world and now provide immense support for Ukrainian refugees in Poland», – says Kris Farber, founder of Openface.