Terms of service

Dated 09.01.2022

This Terms of Service (hereinafter — the "Agreement") establishes the conditions and rules for the use of the site openface. io (hereinafter — the "Site") by the Users and constitutes the Agreement between ATVIRAS VEIDAS, UAB (registration number 305 620 652, address V. Nagevičiaus g. 3, LT-8 237 Vilnius) (hereinafter referred to as the "Site Administration") and any person who accesses the Site and / or uses it (hereinafter referred to as the "User").

1. General Provisions
1.1. The subject of the Agreement is to provide the User with access to information and services posted on the Site. The Agreement covers:
— skin testing service — the functionality of the Site, which selects the most suitable cosmetics for the User from the stock available from the Site Administration, depending on the information that the User gave about himself.
— all other existing, actually functioning at the time of access, services of the Site, as well as any of previous and subsequent modifications and additional services that appear in the future (hereinafter referred to as the Service).
The Agreement applies to Services that are in unlimited access, including access using a username and password.
1.2. The Service is provided "as is". The Site Administration does not assume any responsibility for the delay, deletion, non-delivery or inability to download any User data, and is not responsible for the compliance of the Service with the goals and requirements of the User.
1.3. The agreement is a public offer. Using the Site, accessing the pages of the Site by any way means full and unconditional acceptance of the Agreement by the User. A prerequisite for using the Site is the full and unconditional acceptance by the User of the Privacy Policy posted and / or available on the Site on the Internet at https://openface.io/privacypolicy.
1.4. The current version of the Agreement is available at https://openface.io/termsofservice. The Agreement may be changed by the Site Administration without special notification by posting a new version of the Agreement at the same address. The new version of the Agreement takes effect from the moment it is posted on the Internet, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement.
1.5. A User who does not agree with the terms of the current version of the Agreement in whole or in part is obliged to stop any use of the Site.
1.6. The Site Administration is the right holder of the objects covered by copyright and used for the operation functions of the Site (computer programs, design, etc.). The Site Administration provides a free non-exclusive license to use these objects within the limits established by the Agreement.
1.7. Personal information about the User provided to the Site Administration in connection with the use of the Service (personal data) is stored and processed in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy available at: https://openface.io/privacypolicy (hereinafter — the Privacy Policy). The list of personal information about the User processed by the Site Administration under the Agreement is defined in the Privacy Policy. The Site Administration undertakes to use personal information about the User in order to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement. The User agrees to the transfer of personal data by the Administration to third parties specified in the Privacy Policy, and the processing of the User’s personal data by third parties. Third parties are obliged to respect the confidentiality of personal data and ensure the security of personal data during their processing.

2. Rights and Obligations of the parties
2.1. The Site Administration has the right to change the content of this Site, restrict access to the Site if the User violates the terms of the Agreement.
2.2. The Site Administration has the right to:
2.2.1. prohibit the User’s access to certain functionality of the Service;
2.2.2. delete any information-significant content of an information resource, including in the form of texts, reviews, comments, announcements, photos, videos, including news and other materials (hereinafter referred to as Content) without explaining the reasons, including the case of violation by the User the terms of the Agreement, receiving by the Administration of the relevant requests from law enforcement, other state bodies, local authorities.
2.3. The User has the right to use the Site only for the purposes and in the way provided for by the Agreement and not prohibited by applicable law.
2.4. The User agrees not to use the Site for:
• uploading, sending or using any other way of publishing materials, including indicating its location, by posting links that are illegal, malicious, threatening, offending morality, defamatory, violating copyright and other intellectual property rights, constituting an act of dishonest competition that promotes hatred and / or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, gender, social grounds, as well as violating accepted norms and ethics of communication on the Internet, or hindering the work of other Users with the Service;
• violation of the rights of minors and / or causing harm to them in any form;
• uploading, sending or any other way of publishing materials that violate any rights of third parties, including the right to trademarks (service marks), trade secrets, and / or to violate any other intellectual property rights of third parties;
• uploading, sending or any other way of publishing materials that the User has no right to make available by law or in accordance with any agreements with third parties;
• violation of any norms of the current national and / or international legislation, as well as the legislation of foreign states.
2.5. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Service contains audiovisual works, computer programs, trademarks, design elements, text, graphics and other intellectual property objects, the rights to which belong to the Site Administration (and / or partners of the Site Administration) and cannot be used without obtaining prior consent from the Site Administration.

3. Site Usage
3.1. In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, the Site Administration grants the User the right to use the Site in the following ways:
3.1.1. viewing the Content of the Site;
3.1.2. registration on the Site;
3.1.3. sending messages to the Site Administration;
3.1.4. subscription to the Site’s newsletter;
3.1.5. passing a skin condition test;
3.1.6. other use of the Site.
3.2. The use of materials from the Site without the consent of the copyright holders is not allowed.
3.3. The User is allowed to copy the Site Content only if a link to the Site page is indicated when copying.
3.4. For sending messages to the Site Administration using the Service, as well as at the registering a personal account on the Site, the User undertakes to provide accurate and complete information about himself on the issues proposed in the form for sending a message or the registration form. If the User provides incorrect information or the Site Administration has reason to believe that the information provided by the User is incomplete or unreliable, the Site Administration has the right to refuse the User to use its Services (or their individual functions).
3.5. The Site Administration does not in any way check the information provided by the User and is not responsible to any third parties for the accuracy and reliability of such information.
3.6. The User agrees to receive from the Site Administration answers to the User’s questions on the email address and phone number specified when filling out the message sending form on the Site, as well as information and advertising messages and materials, in the case the User puts down a mark of consent to receive advertising messages and materials.
3.7. The User has the right to refuse to receive information and advertising messages and materials (clause 3.6 of the Agreement) by sending a written message about this to the Site Administration at the email address support@openface.io.
3.8. Unless the User proves the opposite, the actions to send a message using the Service, performed using his phone number, e-mail, are considered to have been committed by the User himself.
3.9. The Site Administration has the right at any time to request from the User documents confirming the data specified by him when sending a message using the Service. If the User does not provide supporting documents, the Site Administration has the right to refuse the User to use the Service or its individual functions. If the User’s data specified in the documents provided by him do not correspond to the data specified when sending a message using the Service, and do not allow the User to be identified, the Site Administration has the right to refuse the User to use the Service.
3.10. To register on the Site, the User specifies the following information: last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, contact information, photographs. The processing of this data is carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

4. Responsibility
4.1. The Site Administration is not responsible for visiting and using external resources, links to which may be contained on the Site.
4.2. The Site Administration is not responsible and has no direct or indirect obligations to the User in connection with any possible or incurred losses or damages associated with any content of the Site, copyright registration and information about such registration, goods or services available on or received through external sites or resources or other contacts of the User, which he entered using the information posted on the Site or links to external resources.
4.3. The User agrees that the Site Administration does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations in connection with the advertising that may be posted on the Site.
4.4. The Site Administration is not responsible for:
4.4.1. Delays or failures in the process of performing an operation arising from force majeure, as well as any case of malfunctions in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.
4.4.2. Improper functioning of the Site, if the User does not have the necessary technical means to use it, and also does not bear any obligations to provide the Users with such means.

5. Other conditions
5.1. In the case of any disagreement or dispute between the parties to the Agreement, a prerequisite before going to court is the submission of a claim (a written proposal for a voluntary settlement of the dispute). If it is impossible to reach agreement between the parties in a complaint procedure within 60 (sixty) calendar days from the moment the other party receives a written claim, the consideration of the dispute must be referred to the court by any interested party at the location of the Site Administration.
5.2. The recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement as invalid or not subject to enforceability does not entail the invalidity of other provisions of the Agreement.
5.3. The Site Administration has the right to disclose information about the User only in cases where applicable law requires or permits such disclosure.
5.4. The address for sending legally significant messages, including statements of copyright infringement, related rights: support@openface.io.