Custom Facial Serum

Custom Facial Serum

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Your custom made formula is here
  • Mix of science-backed ingredients in tailored concentrations
  • Evolves with your skin: adjust as you reach your skincare goals
  • Ongoing support and free consultations with Openface specialists.

Don't just listen to us

Formula for everyone

Many factors affects your skin condition at the moment: season, genetics, hormonal changes, medications, outdoor humidity levels. We take that into account and create customized formulas that adapt to your needs.

  • Closed comedones

  • Papules and pustules

  • Black spots

  • Traces of post-acne

How it works

  1. Take the skin quiz. Share multiple selfies and we will analyze.
  2. Get the FREE skin report and selection of active ingredients.
  3. Receive your very own formula and track your results

Real people, real results

  • ★★★★★

    “Used this serum for 4 months to target acne inflammation. Formulated with soothing azelaic acid, it's made a noticeable difference.”

    Angelica A.
  • ★★★★★

    “Interestingly, I began to see visible improvements around the third month of consistent use.”

    Kris M.
  • ★★★★★

    “Using this serum for 2 months has been revealing. It's true, breakouts take their time, but with consistent care, the change is real.”

    Xena R.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Our AI algorithm analyzes your skin type and condition through a comprehensive quiz and photo submission. It evaluates your responses and pictures to select the most suitable and effective ingredients for your skin. After purchasing your formula, our dermatologist reviews your profile and adjusts the formulation if needed. You can also communicate your preferences to our team, and our dermatologist will consider them during the adjustment process.

To purchase your personalized serum, take our skin type and condition quiz. The algorithm will then identify appropriate ingredients based on your answers. After checkout, our dermatologist reviews your profile and tweaks the formula as necessary. Feel free to share your preferences, and we'll accommodate them.

Upload clear, makeup-free photos in good lighting for accurate analysis. Ensure your entire face is visible, and consider additional photos of problem areas. Bright daylight or well-lit spaces are recommended. Avoid blurry photos and makeup, as these can affect analysis.

Our AI algorithm first analyzes your quiz responses and photos to identify your skin type and main concerns, such as acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, and more. A detailed report is emailed to you. A dermatologist manually reviews each questionnaire, refining the formula if needed. While AI helps, our dermatologist's expertise ensures accurate customization.

Yes, our formulas are certified and thoroughly tested for safety. We collaborate with trusted global suppliers and follow rigorous testing standards, including skin irritation tests. We prioritize effective, scientifically proven ingredients while avoiding unverified components.

We use proven ingredients backed by clinical trials and studies. You won't find extracts without evidence. Our formulas include effective elements like azelaic acid, AHA/BHA, retinol, and stable vitamin C.

Our formulas are designed to improve skin texture and address concerns like acne and photoaging. Exfoliating ingredients might cause temporary purging before improvement. Results vary, but you can see real user transformations on our Instagram.

If irritation occurs, try applying the formula less frequently and avoid harsh products. If issues persist, contact us for dermatologist support and potential formula adjustment.